Inking Innovation: How Artistic Charge is Transforming Payment Solutions in the Tattoo Industry

Discover how Artistic Charge is revolutionizing the tattoo industry by transforming traditional payment processing with a unique rebate program that benefits both artists and clients. Dive into our innovative approach that simplifies transactions and enhances financial transparency in tattoo studios. Explore how we're enabling artists to focus on creativity without financial burden.


Jeff White

4/13/20242 min read

Revolutionizing Tattoo Studio Payments: The Origin of Artistic Charge

Seventeen years back, in a popular Charlotte tattoo parlor, a bond was inked between Matt "Skinny" Bagwell, a titan of the tattoo world, and Jeff White, a visionary in fintech and payments. As Skinny etched his masterpieces onto Jeff’s skin, their talks often veered into the deep complexities of their trades. Amidst the buzz of the tattoo machines, they uncovered the raw pain points of payment processing for tattoo artists—steep fees, convoluted systems, and a stark lack of solutions genuinely dialed into the artists' unique needs.

Skinny, entrenched in the tattoo scene, and Jeff, with his sharp fintech acumen, saw more than just problems; they saw an opportunity to craft a groundbreaking solution. Thus, Artistic Charge was born—a powerhouse blend of artistic passion and financial expertise.

Artistic Charge: Fueling Artists with Financial Power

Artistic Charge isn’t merely another payment processor. It’s a rebellion against the status quo. By slashing traditional processing fees through an innovative rebate program, Artistic Charge ensures artists and their studios keep a bigger slice of their earnings. Crafted specifically for the tattoo industry, our platform prioritizes simplicity, transparency, and staunch support.

How It Works

Step into a tattoo studio equipped with Artistic Charge, and will discover an innovative and compliant model where the cost of processing is passed onto the customer. This approach not only covers transaction costs effectively but also benefits the studio by providing them with a rebate on all processing fees. This model ensures clarity and fairness in every transaction, enabling you to understand exactly where your money is going, while supporting your favorite tattoo artists financially.

Community and Collaboration

What really sets Artistic Charge apart is our commitment to the community. Skinny and Jeff know that true business strength comes from listening and evolving with its people. Artistic Charge actively connects with artists and studios, pulling in insights, refining processes, and ensuring our platform responds to real-world needs. This collaborative spirit has cultivated a service that’s less like a provider and more like a partner in the artistic grind.

The Future of Tattoo Industry Payments

As Artistic Charge continues to expand, Skinny and Jeff are stoked about the platform’s potential not just to ease financial burdens but also to ignite creativity and growth within the tattoo industry. They envision a future where artists are liberated from the cumbersome chains of outdated payment systems, free to focus wholly on what they do best—crafting unforgettable art.

Join the Revolution

Whether you're a tattoo artist weary of exorbitant fees and complex systems or a customer craving price transparency, Artistic Charge invites you to be part of a movement that’s redefining how the tattoo industry handles business. Empower yourself at the crossroads of art and finance, and be part of a solution that’s painting a brighter future for tattoo artists everywhere.